February 24, 2018

I know this is probably a weird question but I sometimes wonder....Was Jesus an introvert??

Perhaps this is my way of justifying why I keep playing the keyboard after service, to avoid the small talk t...

February 3, 2018

Yesterday I posed the question, What do each of these things have in common?, thirst-trapping, guilt tripping & catfishing..." Although I received several great answers, the one that I wanted to addre...

January 27, 2018

Have you noticed that just about everyone on social media appears to be successful?


With a camera, some good lighting, and a catchy quote, just about anyone can appear to be off the charts, dope. We’v...

January 13, 2018

There are two types of people in this world. Those who take risk and those who play it safe. Don’t get me wrong, playing it safe can lead to good things. Slow and gradual growth is the way most of us...

December 30, 2017

Did you know that there are close to 37,000 separate Christian bodies according to the World Christian database?? 37,000!! Am I the only person who finds this odd?

Perhaps it shouldn't be as shocking t...

November 27, 2017

Have you ever wondered why Clark Kent hid Superman with glasses?

Was he trying to keep his identity safe, OR was he trying to save his identity?

Superman used Clark to blend in. Although he did pos...

November 25, 2017

It seems that fairytales of magical kingdoms and Bible stories with streets made of gold, have become distinguishable only by the conviction of the reader. As an educator, I often stress the importanc...

November 11, 2017

Ok..... Lets tackle a subject that most people try to avoid. Let's talk about sex.... I think the winter months make this topic especially relevant because people are less inclined to go out and play...

November 4, 2017

 Believe it or not, my life is filled with many battles, most of which, will never be seen or heard by most people. Unless you follow me on twitter... Twitter usually gets my most random, off the wall...

October 13, 2017

So today is my birthday and I couldn't be more indifferent about it.  I haven't pulled together some new outlook on life, or decided to capitalize on the day by forcing people to care who probably wou...

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