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Jesus Take The Wheel...

July 14, 2018


Have you ever been in the car with someone whose driving terrified you?? Every sharp turn, or sudden break, has you clinging onto your seatbelt, closing your eyes, and screaming on the inside.

This might sound bad, but Jesus at the wheel, feels a bit like this. Dont get me wrong, Its never a matter of not trusting Him, but a humanly instincive reaction to uncertainty. A purpose driven life, is one that will never be comfortable. You'll most likely always feel like you're holding on, for dear life. Im learning that, if your goal is to be comfortable, you're on the wrong path, but if your goal is to be more like Christ, you should make sure you have on a seatbelt.

Im sure we've all heard, there is safety in Jesus. But a lot of us have grown to associate safety with comfort.

What often goes untold is the silent stripping, that takes place with every step