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Pressure Points

When I was in High School, I use to run the 800m relay. I never was an amazing track star but I worked hard and gave it 110%. I remember having to attend a track meet, while "The Curse of Eve", overtook my body. Even with my heavy dosage of extra strength Tylenol I still could not rid myself of that pain.

I told my coach, I wouldn't be able to run. Strangely, he asked for my foot and began to press firlmy on a spot near my ankle. At first the pressure was painful, but after a few minutes I felt all of my pain begin to subside, and by the time he released it, I wasn't in pain at all. I got up and ran one of my best 800m times. No warm-up, no extra medication, just a painful, pressure point.

For those of you who aren't familiar with this medical terminology, pressure points are sensitive parts of the body that can either be used for healing or pain.