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Our lives are compiled of scenes. Some are boring, others are more intense, but the scenes all become a part of a larger picture. These days we are given previews into the lives of others. We see the exciting highlights but have no idea of the behind the scenes footage that it took to make the film.

According to Pixar, it can take anywhere from 4-7 years to create ONE animated film. If you think about this in terms of our lives, some of our most thrilling scenes, took years to develop. The behind the scenes footage of our lives are made up of rough drafts, revisions, and even some deleted scenes. Most people will never know what it took to develop such a complex story. All they'll see is the finished product.

If you've ever watched the behind the scenes moments of a film, you are aware that the development of the movie is a long, grueling process. Every scene change, dramatic effect ,and plot twist, were carefully scripted by the writer. Our lives are not much different. We sometimes underestimate the intentionality of God's plan. Every setback, pain, and crisis are already written. As we live out each scene we setup the next. It might be hard to accept, but our stories have already been written, were just in the production phase.

Once you finally accept that the story is written, you then can begin to claim things that you know to be true. For instance, We are told in His word that, "The prayers of the righteous availeth much", and "all things work together for the good of them that love the Lord, and are called according to His purpose".