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Allow me to Reintroduce Myself...

Anyone who truly knows me, knows that I love “getting things right”. Almost to a fault…no DEFINITELY, to a fault…(lol). While there are many drawbacks to my perfectionism, I realized that God still wanted to use it all, for His glory.

When I first started “Jackie the Educator” as a blog, I saw so many benefits from sharing on a social platform. This idea was sparked when I read an article that talked about the need for more strategic learning through social media. As I explored this concept through my blog, I noticed that my small efforts, encouraged more people than I ever would have had the capacity to reach, individually. It became clear to me that platforms can be used for more than just fame, they can be used to teach and bring awareness to important issues. Unfortunately, many platforms have been abused, and used only to elevate self-serving individuals. However, there is an opportunity to change this narrative.

Take Will Smith for instance. (If you haven’t seen his Instagram account, you’re missing out) The way he has engaged his followers through social media has been inspiring to watch. He has managed to develop a platform that not only entertains, but encourages, explores, and teaches. As we learn more about who he is, we also are exposed to other experiences we might never have known.

People often ask me, “What the heck is Jackie The Educator?!”

Jackie The Educator is a teacher, not a self-seeking public figure, or a claim to fame. This calling, is a strategic utilization of all my best skills, glorifying God.

As a strategic teacher of the gospel. I am charged with:

  • Sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with as many people as I can.

  • Standing in front, as I use my own life, as God’s visual aid.

  • Thinking of innovative ways to engage the world and be a fisher of men.

  • Developing future leaders that understand the basic assignment we all are given through Christ.

  • Challenging those who are “more advanced”, to not accept man made limitations.

Accepting this calling was hard though.

I ran from it for a long time, and like Jonah, it followed me, and affected everything around me until I submitted. When God gives you an assignment you should not take it lightly. He strategically equipped you with the skills you needed throughout your entire life: hardships, career advancements, extracurricular hobbies, family, the good and the bad, can all be used for His glory.

Most people don’t know this, but, I went to college initially as a theater major. In high school I even played Sandy in the black version of Grease. Public speaking came easy to me. Being the daughter of a Pastor, and singing was a natural hobby ever since I was the only “kid” allowed in the adult choir. When theater didn’t seem like a perfect fit, I decided to become a business major. Business encouraged me to think strategically. But it still left me feeling unfulfilled. When I stumbled into education, I found my perfect match.

It took a while to understand it, but now I see: The actor, singer, public speaker, and thinker in me, were all a part of God’s divine plan. I encourage you to think of ways you can use your gifts to the glory of God. Because in the end, only what you do for Christ will last.

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