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Was Jesus an Introvert?

I know this is probably a weird question but I sometimes wonder....Was Jesus an introvert??

Perhaps this is my way of justifying why I keep playing the keyboard after service, to avoid the small talk that happens as people file out of the sanctuary. Don't judge me. I know I'm not the only one who gets invited to events and instantly become drained at the THOUGHT of talking to people you don't know for extended periods of time. And if I do go, you usually will find me in the most secluded area plotting my escape.

Don't get me wrong, I love people! I seriously enjoy talking to individuals and learning their story. But, the setting in which its done makes a big difference. So, for a moment humor my justification of this question, "Was Jesus an Introvert?"

As I look through my Bible I see dozens of instances that could easily lead me to believe that He was. Case and point;

1. Before Jesus spoke to the woman at the well, the disciples had gone into town to buy food, and Jesus had been spending time alone. TOTALLY an introvert move. Introverts are experts at dipping off.

2. Before Jesus fed the five thousand, He was alone and recharging. As a leader myself, if I know I have to be in front of a lot of people, and lead an initiative, you can almost guarantee that before that time comes I am somewhere alone, charging my battery.

3. Before He walked on the water, He was alone in prayer. Introverts are excellent at praying. Talking to ourselves is kind of our specialty.

4. On the most important night of His life, He was once again seeking to be alone and in fervent prayer, with only the support of His closest friends. That's so introverted, I wont even bother explaining.

So if you look at it like that, Jesus was obviously an introvert right?!

When I first started writing, I wanted to find reasons to support my assumption. (forgive me, I do that often...I'm working on But after looking at it again I would say that Jesus was not an introvert. Shocking I know...

Let me give this disclaimer, and say that, you can never put Jesus in box, but (for kicks), I would say that Jesus most closely resembled the characteristics of an ambivert.

An ambivert is a perfect mixture of both introvert and extrovert (well balanced).

Although Jesus took alone time to re-charge, think through, and pray, He also broke bread with His friends & ENEMIES, engaged with total strangers, and spent His life ministering to the lost.

I know this isn't some earth shattering, grand conclusion, but I think you can take a few points from this.

Jesus is our PERFECT example. If our goal is to be more like Him, then we will have to separate from some of our preconceived ideas of "who we are" (ouch...talking to myself). His very nature calls for us to challenge every human instinct we have, and use faith to be transformed into something new, something different, someone well balanced.

Some might argue that character traits cannot be changed, but I would have to point out that God can not only change character traits, but He has the ability, to transform lives by the renewing of your MIND. Which means that whether you are introverted or extroverted, a born leader, or a late bloomer, God can work with what you have, and transform you into who you're called to be.

So be comforted in the fact, that no matter where you are on the spectrum right now, nothing is set in stone, and any man defined definitions of who you are, will never compare to who GOD says you are.


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