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2019: The Road Less Traveled

I never understood the magnitude of God's power. I think sometimes we underestimate how little God needs our help. I've always been one to rely on my wit and intelligence to get what I want. But the biggest lesson I've learned in 2018 is that our attempts to manage our own lives only lead to momentary happiness, with lasting unfullfillment. What we think is gain, is actually to lose. What we see as success, is nothing more than a ruse. There is a deep longing inside our hearts, that if left unchecked, grows wider with every step in the wrong direction. Every selfish desire, and superficial need, leads us further from the narrow and closer to the broad. We become lured to destruction, like a moth to the flame. But I've also learned that there is something far greater on the narrow path. Although it can be restricting and dangerously tight. There is an effortless favor, that exists only on this road taken. No connections needed, or reciprocal scratches on the back. The favor is free. The creative insight flows naturally and is a mystery to all those who see it. I think that is the true plan of God. Walking by faith and not by sight, is a testimony to God's power. Our blind walk was designed to astound those who have struggled