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Do Good...Due Good?

Most people believe that if you, do good, “good” will eventually come to you. But what if this idea wasn’t true. What if there wasn’t a promised “good” to you after your good deeds? What if at the end of doing what was right there was no reward? No good feelings of accomplishment, no higher moral ground, no karma returned, or reward waiting in the wings.

What if good’s reward was not in the outcome of doing good but in the act of it?

I often have great conversations with my 8 year old. She’s become a master at “doing the right thing…” However, she is extremely offended when doing what is right, doesn’t render more favorable results. Here’s an instance:

A few weeks ago she achieved a great accomplishment at school. Per usual, I rewarded her with a treat. After she received it, she noticed that her little sister was without, and wasn’t happy about it. In true Taylor fashion, she offers her treat to Maliah. Now normally I would step in and notice Taylor’s good deed, and reward her even more for being so generous to her sister. However, this time I decided to do nothing. I didn’t acknowledge it, or tell her “that was nice of you.” I just carried on as usual. After the first hour I noticed Taylor getting a bit confused that I seemed to not care. As the day progressed and it became evident that I wasn’t going to acknowledge her “good deed” I noticed a shift in how she treated her sister. Bitterness began to creep in. She began to realize that someone else was playing with a toy, she earned. By the end of the day, she confronted me and insisted that I buy her a new toy because she had given her’s to her sister.