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Knock-Off Success

Have you noticed that just about everyone on social media appears to be successful?

With a camera, some good lighting, and a catchy quote, just about anyone can appear to be off the charts, dope. We’ve become a generation of "posers". Jerks can come off as philanthropists, google experts can now be authors, and the willfully unemployed can pose as success coaches. Everyday people are living a life that they believe will gain them attention. I do believe that there are some "real" people, who live the life they portray. Sadly though, those people are often overlooked because the glitter, sometimes catches the light better than the gold. Meaning, the people who are genuinely authentic can be out shined, or put on the same level, as the knock off.

In a sea of social media success, how do you distinguish the person who is actually doing the work vs. the one who stages it?

That question is not easily answered.

Sometimes, people who are posing don't know it. They genuinely believe that saying inspiring words, giving unsolicited advise, and then posting it on the internet makes them a motivational coach, or even a minister. They make themselves believe that success is how others perceive you to be.